Walk Church Sunday 24th April 2022
St. Mary the Virgin, Westwell, TN25 4JX
1:45 for 2pm.

Posted: 14 April, 2022 | Category: Reflections Category: Walks

I am writing as we approach the climax of Holy Week, and with the heart rending scenes of cruelty still daily before us from Ukraine, we don’t need to look very far in our time for examples of the cruel inhumanity that we as people inflict upon each others.

For Christians this is the week we recall the mindless violence and suffering inflicted on Jesus, who was abandoned, and physically beaten and abused. The week will end, defying all expectation, with the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. We then enter the Easter season and attempt to make sense of how the Resurrection sustains our lives and hopes.

Our next gathering of Walk Church will be the first Sunday after Easter, Sunday 24th April, meeting at St. Mary’s Westwell 1:45pm for 2pm. In the backdrop of the Easter Season it is both an invitation to celebrate natures response to death and despair: Spring, but also continue to reflect on God’s response of self giving love to the cruelty of our world.

The walk take us part on the Pilgrims way to Canterbury, skirt past Eastwell Manor estate including the ruined church of Eastwell hamlet, and then back to Westwell. The route is about 3.8miles (6.1km) long. Probably the biggest challenge with this route, is that for a fair section, we’ll be having to walk along a quiet road. More practical information next week, but if you hope to join us, please let me know.