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Susan Taylor (mrs ):

February 26, 2023

Having been on my first walk today with my husband at Great Chart, we can but endorse earlier comment and thank Alex supported ably by his wife for the most inspirational experience. Never before (now in our 70s) had we realised the difference in worship within a man made church building and one outside made by our Lord God and creator. It makes one more connected and appreciative of our creator. It reminds one that Jesus did not rely on or need a church building for his ministry. The hot tea and homemade cake so kindly provided by Alex and his wife were particularly enjoyable after braving the east wind.


March 27, 2022

My first experience of walk church. As special, invigorating, inspired and inspiring as I had imagined with a pregnant moment dedicated to savouring the beauty of a picked wildflower, and - probably, the main highlight being - an unveiled, unveiling and breathtaking carpet of white wood anenomes in Orlestone Forest en route from Kenardington to Warehorn. There we had a wonderful deep reflection on the story of the prodigal son, followed by later opportunities for sharing, reflection and praying to God, the creator, author and ordainer of our life and faith and the stupendously beautiful world in which we live and have here (oh so) close by to celebrate. Thank you Walk Church for all this richness and each of the lovely people who were there today! and looking forward to the next one

Arthur Houston:

November 30, 2021

Alex Sorry for the late text. I have been meaning to text and say thank you for the walk church event we joined you for in Egerton. It was a very positive and enjoyable experience and great to meet others who love the countryside also. If you had said we will have a 2 hour church service it would feel boring but when it’s a lovely walk and includes prayers, Bible reading, meditation and talk for all generations and appropriate for unchurched and inclusive it’s quite a different feeling. So thank you, much appreciated Arthur and Claire

Jo Kidd:

June 23, 2021

Walk Church is exactly how Church should be – connecting with the rest of nature, recognising that we are all earth beings; walking together through beautiful countryside, appreciating the wonder of creation. Alex ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the experience; ensuring that the readings and prayers are relevant, inclusive and accessible. It was an uplifting and healing experience. I will be back!

sarah fries:

May 23, 2021

I have always found walking in the beautiful countryside an uplifting activity, leaving me connected to God and His amazing creation. When this is combined with companionship, reflection, Bible reading and prayer, it becomes for me an amazing experience that lightens my heart and brings me great joy.


April 28, 2021

I love walking, and I love meeting people. Worshipping God in nature is the best form of spirituality. It's been really great rejoining Walk Church on the Boughton Aluph walk.

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