Walk Church that was Sunday 22nd October 2023. Mary’s Little Chart. 

Posted: 12 October, 2023 | Category: Walks

“If you treasure something and want to keep it – then give it away.” I was talking to a fellow walker, and this was a saying of her mother’s. It jumped into her mind as she was overjoyed to discover that I had some kefir grains to give her. These were from the same grains she had given me nearly a year ago, and from which I have been making buckets of my own kefir. Kefir grains are like sourdough starter, they multiply with each use; so when her own grains died a few weeks ago, I could give her own gift back to her.

Her mother used this saying in the context of sharing plants for gardens and vegetable plots. But It applied well to the theme of our walk, which was money, wealth and how we treat the natural world. It was a reminder that it is in all of our interests to share and celebrate all the God-given gifts we have.

Our walk in the bright afternoon sunshine was rounded off with a welcome drink in the Swan Inn opposite the church. Our next and final gathering of Walk Church for this year is 26th November 2023.

And looking ahead to 2024:
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