Walk Church that was Hothfield Sunday 28th January 2024

Posted: 18 January, 2024 | Category: Walks

Looking for the rare marsh plant Sundew, Hothfield Common

Our reading was the little known Parable of the Trees, from the Old Testament: Judges 9:7-15. It is a story that muses on the trees choosing a leader. But one by one, the great noble and fruitful trees rule themselves out saying they want to stick to what they are good at. All except the bramble bush that brashly proclaims that all should accept its rule or face fire and fury.

In this year when over half of the world’s population will be electing a new leaders, let us pray that this obscure parable receives a wider audience. The task of leadership is lonely and thankless, we need humble and sincere leaders with a compassionate heart not those who who’s egos thirst for power and prestige.

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